Sunday, October 3, 2010

Jack Throws a Curveball

Friday, September 30th

I have no idea whether it is Lu Ann or Margo making that statement in the last panel. It looks to me like it's Lu Ann's hair, but Margo has an exceptionally evil look on her face, one that says "Oh Doris, now that we've gotten this makeover, we're sooo much more stylish than you, with your unfortunate bob, outdated glasses, and general library marm aesthetic. Of course we'll let you borrow our new, better clothes, but you will never look as hot as us!" It is a naive selfishness that does sound like Lu Ann, but as a brunette, she's going to have to beef up her intellectual powers.

Saturday, October 1st

Jack, I know that you think Lu Ann is a dumb blonde, but it's a little bit redundant to introduce someone has your fiancee and soon-to-be wife, as they pretty much mean the same thing. This news has sent Lu Ann and Margo into a bobble-headed tizzy. What? Her? You mean Doris McNoFace? Did you ask Doris' cats for permission to ask for her hand? I know that Mr. Whiskers had reservations about your flirtatious relationship with Lu Ann. Miss Marple just doesn't want to get hurt again, like last time...

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