Monday, October 18, 2010

Who's Got a Big Red Cherry Nose?

Oh my gosh... SANTA!!!!!


Mike said...

Please please please let it be a broken Tommie returning with shattered dreams after getting the door slammed in her face after a day of (completely unrealistic) job searching; the bag she's dragging are all of their old clothes, which she has gone to the dump (because A3G has dumps, not landfills) to retrieve, praying that once she puts on all her boring old clothes, she can slink back into the painless nothingness of her former existence.

kitchenbeard said...

It's Ruby with a pot of chicken and dumplings.

Casey said...

I thought it was someone with a dead body in tow. Maybe Kitty snapped and killed Kat, and is coming to beg the 3G girls to help her dispose of the body.