Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pie Today!

Since Maggie and Megan are both out now in a corn maze or riding goats or joining an Amish community or something (I don't really know, they're 3000 miles away and I barely pay attention to anything that say.... just kidding!), I suppose I should make today's post. Which is a shame, because after reading today's strip, I feel really stupid. I don't get it. I mean, the only thing I got about today's strip is that Iris, Margo, and Lu Ann are horrible gluttons. Iris brought this pie specifically for Tommie, and they proceed to eat almost the entire pie in what I can only imagine is a matter of a couple hours?

But, regardless, I don't understand the punchline, at all. Does she mean "jamming pie down your gullet today"? I don't know. I'm honestly questioning my sanity, because of how little sense this makes to me. Then again, it seems like Lu Ann and Margo are on the same page, so maybe I'm OK. Insights, anyone?

Oh, a quick Google search tells me it has something to do with Through the Looking Glass, and I guess instant gratification or something, whatever, I'm going to pretend it's a complete non sequitur because it's actually funnier that way.


McClure said...

I was right with you, dude. Def had no idea what that was about.

mrvy said...

The Comics Curmudgeon explains the tie to "Through the Looking Glass." It does seem like an odd reference for Tommie to make. Perhaps the Thompson family are big Lewis Carroll fans?

Maggie said...

Casey, I'm sorry, but if you don't have ANY Lewis Carroll-related jokes with your extended family, then I just feel sorry for you.

Seriously though, I didn't get it either. I thought maybe "Jam Today" was a magazine Aunt Iris subscribed to that prescribed eating pie for dinner. That would be an awesome magazine.

Anonymous said...

Jam today, but chutney tomorrow!

Buck Mouse said...

It's a Latin joke, Maggie! Or so I've been told. Of the two Latin words for "now" - nunc and iam - the latter transliterates to "jam" in English and is pertinent only for past and future tense scenarios. So, you can't jam today. I don't know how this relates to pecan pie.

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