Friday, October 29, 2010

Please, Iris, I Want Some More

APARTMENT 3-G YOU ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY. You promise me deli food, so I'm thinking pastrami on rye (seedless, please!), maybe with some pickle spears, maybe a little potato salad, top it off with a fountain soda, maybe even an egg cream!... and then you show me an empty plate. I can't stand it.

Meanwhile, Aunt Iris is worldy? I think we've all assumed that Ohio + Gary Larson style glasses = bumpkin, but apparently she's a vagabond. The world's dowdiest vagabond. You'd think she'd have better luggage by now!


Gerard said...

Actually, she did have better luggage. But that's what a few dozen tours aboard Continental, Delta and Air France will do to it. She's lucky her suitcase has any wheels left.
Search out "United Breaks Guitars" on YouTube.

McClure said...

hahaha, precisely what I was going to say, Gerard, but much funnier. Well done.

kitchenbeard said...

As a certain rabbit has said "My stars, monsters are the most innnteresting people."