Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wedding Hijinks!

I figured I'd give Megan a break and take this one on.

I'm not really sure what Margo's getting at in the second panel. Like, is she implying that Doris has to ask multiple times after their initial agreement, or else it's nullified? "Just checking again, guys, are you still planning on being my bridesmaids?!" So if she doesn't ask again, they're off the hook? Or is she planning to misbehave so much as Doris's bridesmaid that no one else will ever ask her again, and this makes the whole humiliating process worthwhile? I just REALLY hope Doris puts them in some awful taffeta number and the whole wedding goes down with Lu Ann crying over how bad it looks with her brunette hair, and with Margo undertaking some kind of Carrie-like revenge. "That's the last time a man dares to innocently flirt with me and then allow his mousey fiancee to ask me to be a bridesmaid! They're all gonna laugh at YOU, Jack."


Robert said...

I'm much more concerned about Margo's hairline. It looks like her heavy new weave is already coming out. I fear she'll destroy her hair and end up with a Tyra Banks fivehead!

Maggie said...

Tyra knows potential when she sees it, she would probably recruit that fivehead to go to one of her T-Zone camps. Which reminds me, I haven't set up my DVR to tape ANTM this season, where are my priorities??