Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Which One Are You?

Well... well I guess this could still be a serial murderer who lugs her victims' bodies with her wherever she goes. But since there haven't been any stabbings yet, I'm going to guess it's Tommie's great aunt Tilly, who's going to crash at 3G for a while and hamper Tommie's dreams of stardom with her cheap luggage-toting frugality and common sense.

There is also still an outside chance this could be Santa. Much like Zeus and Hermes, who disguised themselves as weary travelers to test the compassion of mortals, Santa wears many masks to find out if we're good or not. Don't be tricked, Margo!


mrvy said...

Well, she almost looks like Kat in a poor disguise. Quick, somebody open the suitcase in case Kitty's still alive and about to suffocate!

If it is Aunt Tilly, good thing Lu Ann went back to blonde, or poor Aunt Tilly would be mighty confused!

Gold-Digging Nanny said...

I think this is one of Kat and Kitty's many spies. Mama Kat will be most angry to learn that Lu Ann and Margo have already reverted to their old ways.

Megan said...

WHY DID WE WASTE MONTHS ON THE MAKEOVER STORYLINE IF THEY LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME!!! This is not going to end well, don't they know not to let strangers into the apartment?