Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Average Jack

Apparently, I'm the only member of the triumvirate that cares about the loyal readers! Casey's away message says something about a bottle of wine, and Maggie has mysteriously disappeared from the online world.

"What a fool I was, Margo! A FOOL! Put me in a court jester outfit and parade me in front of the royal court..." I'm failing to recall a time when Jack flirted with either of you, I just thought he was trying to be nice to you/having a normal work related conversation. I guess in the A3Gverse any male-female interaction qualifies as flirting.

And Margo is completely right, Jack obviously wasn't interested in them because they were too above average. Men are wired to find the most average looking woman attractive and then ignore other completely smoking hot women.


Casey said...

Thanks for shouldering the blog, Mekar. It's true, I've been spending most of this week either at work or sloshed, or both, so I haven't really been thinking of updating this blog haha. Also, I think maybe in this case "average" is code for "not-crazy."

Maggie said...

Average, nothing! Please refer to the strip from June 2nd. Doris was GIVING that muffin away! That's what the boys really like.