Monday, October 25, 2010

Pish Tosh?

"You mean like cheap luggage? ZINNNNNNNNNNNNG" what Tommie should say, but probably won't. I don't know if tomorrow's strip is going to be about Aunt Iris being shocked by New York City prices or about delicious pastrami sandwiches, but I should be happy either way.


Mike said...

Pish-tosh? Wow is this going to be the sad tale of how Tommy's aunt, who has obviously had a stroke which makes her misspeak common phrases with the wrong consonant, teaches her how to live before she ends up succumbing to her illness/getting run over while making an extravagant deli run?

I hope so/not.

I just can't decide which.

Megan said...

They live in New York and can't afford to even go to a deli? The rent certainly is too damn high then. Maggie does love sandwiches, so I hope for her sake that they have a long scene with an homage to a pastrami on rye.

Sugar Packet said...

Tommie has three different haircuts in those three panels! It's like a Dorothy Hammil, then a bowl cut, then Tommie's familiar pixie cut. A fun amorphous haircut for the fall season!

Maggie said...

Everyone thinks it's a Dorothy Hammil, but it's actually a Pete Rose.