Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Hope you all had relaxing long weekends!  Here's a quick recap of what we've missed in the A3G-verse:

Friday, May 25th

The medical field has advanced hugely!  Women's fashion, not so much.

Saturday, May 26th

I'm surprised that Scott took Margo's terrible advice.  Did anyone tell Fred about the whole Scott kissing Margo situation? 

Monday, May 28th

It's like Scott and Fred switched shirts!  Wait, you're trying not to see Nina so you're moving into her father's house where she's staying to get away from you?  Maybe you should consult your publicist about this.  You wouldn't want the gossip mill to start up.

Tuesday, May 29th

Gee Fred, I'd really love to offer support and comfort to my wife whilst she's terrified that giving birth to my baby will kill her, but I kind of made this agreement with this woman who Nina saw me giving an innocent kiss to/my apparent publicist.  Where's that annoying midwife, get her to talk to her.


Ken said...

Don't let him move in. He says it's just temporary but he has no job and lacks motivation. He'll have no reason to move out. A few months will turn into years. You'll grow resentful.

Not that I have any experience with this sort of thing.

Should Scottie be talking to anyone without his publicist? I certainly don't.

Mathew Walls said...

I really hope Margo shows up to talk to Scott and Tommie shows up to talk to Nina, and then Tommie and Nina walk in on Margo and Scott kissing again. That would be the best A3G storyline ever. :-D