Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fun with Money

He's so charming, the room is spinning! (Where is everyone standing in this scenario?)

And really, a future president? Maybe of the Hair Club for Men, with the way his hairline is suddenly receding in the second panel (or maybe his face is just drooping down?) But he seems more like Oprah than a presidential candidate to me. "And you get a check! And you get a check!"

Serious question - did the diner come in third place and the academy come in second? He didn't even mention if these are all in the same category... or really much else other than that he likes to give out money. The important thing is, Lu Ann is going to win because she's pretty. Take that, kids with special needs! It's time you learned how the world really works.


NonnyMus said...

It's way more than a suddenly receding hairling problem... those are two different people.

A3-G Land is such a weird place. People's clothes suddenly change, people's faces suddenly change, the background suddenly changes and nobody bats an eye.

And if I had time and energy, wouldn't that make a funny video? Set typical A3-G action with all those sudden changes with real people in the real New York...


Anonymous said...

Margo sees a future president, I see a future game show host.

Lost in the Worthiverse said...

My working theory is that Peter Russo (who so far hasn't looked like either of the two men shown in today's strip) is co-hosting the event with some other guy in a matching tuxedo.

Margo sees the two of them working so well in tandam, gets the idea of a tandam presidency to spread some of the work around and immediately pictures Peter and What-his-name in the role.

It makes some things more clear, doesn't it?

J.R. Clark said...

NO WAY Peter Russo is going to challenge LBJ in 1964...the President has a 77% approval rating and just passed a major civil rights bill and a tax cut through Congress.

Russo might have to wait until 1972.