Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Art is so subjective, few people just shout their opinion about it (except Mark Trail... HAHA that's a joke, Mark Trail would never go to a museum). Therefore, I have to guess Troglodyte Joe here is trying to pick up Lu Ann by making really obnoxious, pedestrian comments about Jackson Pollock... who feel like is pretty well known, even by trogs. Where I would take that as a cue to wander off to the punch bowl, Lu Ann is ensnared in his clever conversation tactics. Hook line and singer, trog man!


NonnyMus said...


Some of the astute commenters over at Comics Kingdom have deduced that powder-blue suit dude is the eligible Governor.

I'm thinking they're right.

But wouldn't it be more interesting if powder-blue suit dude was Evan's brother looking for 'revenge' for Evan's incarceration?

Mike said...

I'm pretty sure it's the governor too. Because you know who gets to just walk around by themselves with no security or body man or hangers on -- the governor of New York.

To be clear, that's not true in our universe. But in one where the new James Bond is Greg, it becomes a lot more likely.

Lost in the Worthiverse said...

@NonnyMus, I think it would be more interesting if the Governor hired Lu Ann for all New York State's arts programs.

She'll get them fully funded, planned and running in award-eligible fashion in less than a year!!

@Mike, LOL! Everything is different in A3-G Land!!

NonnyMus said...

Greg? Greg who? Evan? Evan who? Fire? What fire? Mission? What mission? Who's Mister Cark?! Curating at Mills Gallery? What's that?

What are you talking about? There is only my constant search for validation by a man! That is all!

Lu Ann Powers said...

How exciting! I met the Governor today! What a dish!

Allen said...

Hey whatever happened to that random old guy's nephew or grandson or whatever? Could this be the guy? Or perhaps speculation is right and this is the governor. Or maybe she will meet both tonight. Maybe Luann will have to choose between the governor and old-guys-relative, then the other one will set A3G on fire again. Can't wait!

Lost in the Worthiverse said...


It is the Governor. You can follow A3-G here:

Just select Apartment 3-G from the A-Z listing and Bob's your uncle!

Who is that random old guy? The old guy she met at Arlington Local Cemetery?

Allen said...

Ohhh I haven't been keeping up. Tsk, shame on me! Yes, that old guy she met in the cemetary and he mentioned his relative in passing. Did anything happen with that or was it just useless filler?