Friday, April 19, 2013

So Darn Rewarding!

I don't know, guys,  I think Governor Charmy McTrogface is setting up our Lu Ann for a fall! I mean, first and second place both going to children-related charities? No way. I guess 1000 bucks can buy a lot of construction paper and glue sticks, but still, Lu Ann, couldn't you just sell some of your squiggle art originals/Jackson Pollock look-alikes and make that pretty quick? I presume that's how Lu Ann and Margo have any money at this point.


NonnyMus said...

So confusing. There's now a third emcee and this one looks like a young Gene Kelly. Plus, if all these men are Governor Shapeshifter McTrog, what do they know about Lu Ann?

She knows a lot about art? She can pronounce "Jackson Pollock" correctly (we assume)? She has blond hair and blue eyes? She thinks Hanes for Her is a designer label? She either didn't sleep for a month while getting this program slapped together or she's running a scam?

What? Seriously. What does this guy know?

Allen said...

"Let me tell you ALL about her: she uh, well I dunno... um? She's like, pretty average, maybe a 6 or a 7 in certain lights. And she smells like pastrami that's been baked in the sun for a few hours. I'm not exactly sure what she does or what her cause is but... Ah hell, let's be honest, she's the hottest one here. If you other ladies slapped on some freakin' make-up, maybe you'd be bringing back money to your dumb children's charity."

J.R. Clark said...

Yesterday in panel 1 he looked like character actor Joseph Campanella then in panel 2 he looked like a young Martin he looks like Beatles manager Brian Epstein!

Lost in the Worthiverse said...

@J.R. Clark,

It's appears that Frank Bolle had a bunch of clip art of black-haired men in tuxedos that he accumulated over the past 4 decades and just used them randomly.

It's why I call him, "Failure Frank"!

Scott P. said...

"We've replaced the regular governor with Wink Martindale! Let's see if anyone notices."