Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Taking A Schvitz

Peter?  Geez Lu Ann, have some respect for the office!  That's Governor Troglodyte McCharmer to you.  Nothing like flirtatious pillow talk about a children's art project and avoiding eye contact by awkwardly staring into the distance to steam up MOMA like a Swedish sauna.  I hope all of the Pollock squiggles are hermetically sealed!


Inkwell said...

I refuse to believe any human being finds this "steamy". Tommie just left the hot water on, right?

BaHa said...

Of course it's steamy...LuLu is flirting with three dfferent men.

Molly said...

Judging from their faces on the last panel, it seems as though LuAnn may have farted.

J.R. Clark said...

In panel 1, I see character actor Paul Mantee.

In panel 2, I see TV's Burt Ward.

In panel 3, I see Gene Barry.