Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I Wonder Who Wins?

Lu Ann's left eye is skeptical of what her right eye is seeing from Margo/Winkin' Pete.  Is it just me or is the colorist doing something different?  Do I see salmon and red in the last panel!?!  Do those tuxes have TWO COLORS?!?  It's unfortunate that the hunky governor's fabulous cocktail party had to coincide with the museum's "Matron Night" promotion.  Find a friend, wear your most frumpy attire, and get buy one get one half off your ticket price!


NonnyMus said...

I'm just wondering where Peter's tuxedo came from. He was wearing the standard blue suit just a minute ago!!

I guess he used the same MOMA wardrobe room as Margo. She changed too.

NonnyMus said...

Comics Kingdom site is having difficulties again. No problem with the ads loading, but that's typical.

If you want to see the strip, click on "Buy a Print".

(Ha! Ha! my CAPTCHA word was ookingF. I wonder what that's an anagram of?)