Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Say Hello to My Little Friend

Yum!  Nothing like ethnic, cured meat stored at room temperature in a tiny purse to whet one's appetite.  I hope that Lu Ann put some wax paper in there to absorb the grease.

There's also a fun "What's wrong with this picture" situation with Lu Ann's hands.  See if you can find all four!


Ken said...

Is pastrami gasp-worthy? Maybe the cheesecake is gasp-worthy. I tend to reserve my gasps for things that really deserve it. Nudity, explosions, shocking secrets, and the ending to the Walking Dead for example.

Anne said...

okay, here's what I see wrong with the hands:
1. In the first panel, she has the weirdest knuckle ever. It does not make any anatomical sense at all.
2. In the second panel, her left hand has a thumb way out of proportion to the hand.
3. That same left hand has abnormally short fingers on an abnormally long hand -- that is, the lines for the fingers should have extended further into the hand.
4. The right hand in the second panel looks positively deformed. I cannot begin to figure out where the parts of the hand are...