Sunday, April 7, 2013

Governor's Ball

We'll have to stop and pick up our formal turtlenecks at the cleaners, we've got a man to impress!  I'm guessing that Margaret Shulock was not inspired by/plagiarizing the Netflix original series House of Cards, which featuring a gubernatorial candidate/cocaine aficionado named Peter Russo.  I'll bet the A3G Peter Russo has way less character flaws.  He'll probably just want to use his office to help the war orphans develop their squiggling skills or something...:::yawn:::


J.R. Clark said...

Silly Margo, everyone knows that Nelson Rockefeller is the governor of A3g-era New York, and he just remarried!

NonnyMus said...

@J.R. Clark - Remember, Nelson was always up for some action on the side! That might be why he's attending the party as "Peter Russo"... it's his porn name!

NonnyMus said...

Wouldn't this awful strip be much more interesting if Shoddy Shulock was inspired by recent dramas and comedies? At least the storylines might be more coherent.

"Law and Order" has trial scenes. "Rescue Me" had fire scenes. and "The Big Bang Theory" has scenes of roommates dealing with each other... and is reviewed by A Professor!

Naw. It'll never happen. Maybe it's for the best... makes the strip easier to mock!

J.R. Clark said...

NonnyMus: For Shoddy Shulock, the spy movie craze of 1963-1966 appears to qualify as being "inspired by recent dramas and comedies".

I half-expect Margo to be invited to sit in for Arlene Francis on the panel of "What's My Line," seen weekly on the CBS Television Network. I could see her seated between Bennett Cerf and Steve Allen, wearing her blindfold during the mystery guest segments and asking questions like, "Are you currently appearing in a movie that is being shown on Broadway?"