Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pop Secret

Alright, loyal readers.  Here are the facts:

1) The official name of the governor's official residence is The New York State Executive Mansion:

Which sounds awesome!  If I ever get rich, I'm going to title my house the Executive Mansion.  At least my main house.  My other houses will probably have more whimsical themes depending on where I construct them.

2) It's in Albany.  Here is GoogleMaps route and estimated journey time:

3) I think Governor Trog has a plan to lure Lu Ann to the Executive Mansion with the promise of stellar popcorn, start a movie at 11 PM and then convince her that it's too late to drive to go back to the city and that she should stay in the Samuel Tilden bedroom with it's fine Italianate decor.  Ensue hijinks.

4) I can neither confirm nor deny that the popcorn is stellar.  Or that it has a movie theatre.


NonnyMus said...

The Governor is lying! The popcorn is microwave popcorn made by the long-suffering cleaner who has had a secret crush on Gov. Shapeshifter McTrog since his election in 2008 (our time).

Sugar Packet said...

You've done your homework! I bet the governor has one of those fancy Popcorn push carts like the make contestants on the Price is Right big on all the time.

Scott P. said...

If the 'movie theater' is anything more than a sheet hung in the garage and a couple of folding chairs, I'll go ahead and label it "fancy".

Barbara L. Hanson said...

It's that meticulous attention to detail that keeps me coming back!