Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Lu Ann Halts the Cab

Apartment 3-G, Wednesday October 2, 2013
Ah, the taxi hat! The hat that proudly proclaims, I drive a taxi. Or I just like taxis. Or I'm a big fan of the TV series Taxi. Actually, I guess it's a pretty ambiguous hat.


NonnyMus said...

Halt a cab? Shulock doesn't know how to write about hailing cabs now? Is there anything she does know??

And Failure Frank doesn't know that nobody can squeeze their head through the little tray door deal in NYC cabs, no matter how blonde they are.

Although it might get exciting now that Lu Ann has entered the infamous No Pink Zone in Queens, so I'll keep reading!

Sugar Packet said...

I know, I wonder what that means, "not your kind of neighborhood"... I mean, for Lu Ann, I would kind of think that's kind of, like, all of New York.

Carlye said...

Did Lu Ann find the only white cab driver in New York?

Moira Quirk said...

That is actually the Super Aggro Crag.