Friday, October 11, 2013

Big Bad Brain Tumor

Not only is Marty ramping up the tude, she's also getting... pretty callous? The descriptive phrase "big, bad" is usually reserved for sarcastic contrast (like the big bad hangnail I had last week), but brain tumors are obviously pretty serious, so I find this confusing. Your tude is confusing me, Marty!

Luckily it's not phasing Lu Ann in the least. Calling your dad a loser? Using his first name? The revelation that you know we've been feeding you a pack of lies, dirty rotten lies?? Yeah, well! Stuff happens. Come back to squiggle art!


Allen said...

"... Okay yes, your dad is a filthy filthy stupid liar. You're absolutely right. But he only thought it was best to LIE to his ONLY daughter. And oh boy did he ever lie to you about it! Haha!"

mrvy said...

I actually think Lu Ann's at her best and brightest here. She's acknowledging Marty's right to her 'tude while trying to help Marty see that her dad was well-intentioned, if misguided.

Maybe Ms. Shulock is setting us up for a big Lu Ann career change from squiggle artist to youth counselor. All sorts of plot twists and turns could come from this!

Allen said...

@mrvy: That would make waaaay too much sense for this strip!