Friday, October 4, 2013

Normal Teen Behavior

Marty starting flipping you off before furtively darting into her room and turning up her music real loud? That's normal teen behavior! Just like normal teacher behavior is to hang out with her student's single dad, kicking off her shoes and indulging in endless cups of coffee! Now. Let's talk about your placement of drapes.


NonnyMus said...

Lu Ann is obviously an art curator first, teacher second!

Ken said...

Cole: Not my Marty. I think she is going through some changes Lu Ann. Since she doesn't have a mother I was hoping you could talk to her.

Lu Ann: Talk to her about what Cole? Squiggle art?

Cole: No, about women stuff.

Lu Ann: Most squiggle artists are women. Men just aren't that creative. They paint log cabins instead.

Cole: No I'm talking about women's bodies changing. You know, the feelings that women develop when they reach Marty's age.

Lu Ann: I'm not following you Cole. Stop beating around the bush.

Cole: Exactly. Could you talk to her about that?