Thursday, October 3, 2013

Caffeinated Infidelity

"I took a chance you'd be home because I do not own, nor have I ever heard of, a 'cell phone.'"

By the way, Lu Ann, if all you needed was coffee to perk you up, I'm sure there was a Starbucks on the way to the cemetary, so you could be all bright-eyed and awake for your boyfriend's traumatic experience. But good call on leaving him alone to go hang out with your "friend" at his place to drink his coffee. It better be really good coffee.


Sugar Packet said...

Cripes, don't these two ever get sick of just hanging around and drinking coffee?? How about changing it up with some tea, or a glass of water, or maybe just a light snack? Or how about a SANDWICH?? (uh oh, I hear Wilbur from the Worthiverse listening...)

NonnyMus said...

I think you're being a tad insensitive, Casey! Before Cole went away to Vietn... er... Iraq he was the meanest barrista in all of NYC... and he made the best coffee, also! Is it his fault his PTSD/brain tumor prevents him from practicing his profession?

molly said...

"Because I haven't kicked off my shoes in at least 7 weeks! They match my shirt so perfectly, I couldn't bear to."