Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Don't You Remember?

"We used to talk to each other over dinner...Remember?  We made our plates one quarter veggies, one quarter fruit, one quarter cereal grains and one quarter mustard?!?!?!  Just like the USDA and Michelle Obama recommend!*  Now look at us, our fruit and veggie bowl is overflowing, the cereal is going stale!  How do we get back to that place?!?!?!"

*Addendum: This asterisk represents this bloggers first real world encounter with the federal government shutdown.  In attempting to verify the actual makeup of the new food pyramid plate, I was unable to access confirmation on the USDA's website.  The fact that I can't verify something on a government website for my satirical comic blog post is the first personal problem I've had with the government shutdown also serves as a delightful example of a first world problem (or #firstworldproblem for those readers who prefer ideas displayed with the Tic-Tac-Toe Board of Pisa and no spaces).  Also, I can probably say that Michelle Obama is not shut down.  She can't afford to miss a day toning those guns.

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