Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Emergency Response

1) I love Lu Ann's look of utter disinterest in the first panel.  "I left the Governor's Ball mid-proposal for this and you haven't even called 911!"

2) Why would Cole insist on such a terrible and poorly prepared emergency response plan?  Or was Marty just too busy with Tori and Lick to pick up the salient details? 

Cole: "Marty, it's very important that you follow the instructions that I am about to give you.  If I should ever have a seizure, immediately call Dr. B...."
Marty: "NOT NOW, Cole!  Tori is coming over so that we can smoke vodka.  Why don't you save it for your girlfriend?"

3) Why would you follow your father's wishes by not calling 911 only to go against them by calling Lu Ann?
4) Guess the Canadian province that Tori and Lick are in...Nunavut?...Ontario?


NonnyMus said...

This is quite possibly the stupidest episode of A3-G I've ever seen. Shulock must be on drugs because even natural stupid isn't this stupid.

Allen said...

@NonnyMus, I cannot agree with you more. What would've made it even better is if Luann called Tommie to come back over so he can help Cole.

I suspected Luann was channeling Margo, due to the sass, but there is a distinct lack of head bobble that makes me think otherwise.

Spell Checker said...

You spelled tongue incorrectly.

Barking Monkey said...

@NonnyMus: According to the byline on the WaPo comics site, Lisa Trusiani took over writing the strip from Shulock(not sure when but at least a month ago.) Her comics creds include "Barbie" (as in the doll - I think,) and "Morbius the Vampire", which I REALLY want to believe are related.

Harvard Student said...


Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

I vote for Quebec. Montreal is a blast.

Roy said...

Barking Monkey, Trusiani was replaced by Shulock years ago, this is much more a Shulock script than a Trusiani one anyway. It has that weird off kilter way about it.

Gladys Kravitz said...

Lick & Tori are obviously in Toronto, where they sold the crack they bought with Marty's $500 to Mayor Ford.

Maggie said...

They we going to Vancouver, but Apple maps got them to Saskatchewan before crapping out.

As for the Shulock/Trusiani scandal: I found nothing at all to confirm Trusiani has stepped in (nor any particular evidence to deny it, I have no idea how often the creaky old King Features website gets updated), but I DID find this comment I apparently ignored over two years ago: http://ladiesofapartment3g.blogspot.com/2011/09/crowd-begins-to-chant.html?showComment=1315867855890#c6543895834439577410

Although I tend to agree with Roy, this feels like a Shulock story (as well as I can claim to know them), I can't really explain the A3G byline! Maybe I need to get in touch with THE MAN. (aka King Features)