Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pretty Awesome

Wednesday, November 20

"And frankly, I do say so myself, because I'm the only one who will say it. All those malpractice lawsuits I'm facing for telling my patients not to call 911 have really taken a toll on my reputation!"

Thursday, November 21

"Well, the surgery he needs will require $500 upfront."*

*I know this isn't a thing that happens, but maybe in the world of A3G, it is. Imagine the look on Marty's face!**

**I am a terrible person.


Allen said...

Soooo, pretty sure Cole needs medical attention right now, doc. Instead of sharing your wisdom and doling out heaps of self praise, perhaps you should be checking to see if Cole is choking on his own tongue.

Words to the Unwise said...

You are not a terrible person.

molly said...

I snorted at the "$500 upfront" comment. Therefore, you're a terribl--y hilarious person!