Friday, November 15, 2013

No, Peter.

Peter, how many times do I have to reject you? It's nice that you want to help, but it's not like your title and position would help Cole get the immediate attention he obviously needs. Stay and have a nice time at your little Ball, and don't let this little problem spoil your evening/political future.


Ken said...

I think the dress is beginning to slip based on Lu Ann's hand positioning.

It's nice that all these guys have Forrest Gump type love for Lu Ann.

But Lu Ann, you're my girl!

Allen said...

So now Peter is the doting, chivalrous, and hopelessly romantic boyfriend? I'm having a hard time believing Peter would do a complete turnaround here in such a little amount of time. What's it been, like a week since he emerged from his douchebag cocoon into a beautiful, dense, and vacuous butterfly?

NonnyMus said...

Day 3 of Peter's wait:

He's glad he kept the caterers from clearing away the leftovers because he's been living off stale crackers and wilted crudites today. The shrimp and paté went bad long ago. The ice sculpture is long gone.

But there's still plenty of alcohol in all those hundreds of glasses left in sad disarray on the tables... and he found a nearly-full bottle of tonic water under the bar.

His staff and new Lt. Governor seem to have learned to leave3 him alone. They haven't talked about his responsibilities for almost a day now. Maybe they've replaced him -- you know, sine sort of vote of the Legislature or some such government thing...

He sits on the stage, cradling the tonic water, surrounded by empty glasses, crumpled cocktail napkins and the scattered confetti of his love.

He waits for Lu Ann. As long as it takes...