Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Proper Kiss

I'm back!  Many thanks to Maggie and Casey for covering this scintillating story line while I was traveling for work.   So Lily is still MIA, Tommie is damaged and this old Lu Ann is trying to smooch on Dr. Jack?

Jack and Carol are attempting the high degree of difficulty, rarely attempted, fully vertical kiss.  It requires deep concentration and extremely small noses.


NonnyMus said...

No he can't give her a proper kiss. (I hate it when men lie!)

TimP said...

Cripes, you ever have that happend to you? Someone says can you do task X? And you reply, sure I pride myself on my ability to do task X all the time and then... Ya blow it. It is the worst feeling.

Maggie said...

Yeah, I'd call this less "a proper kiss" and more "synchronized bobbling."

In other news, Mekar oh thank god you're back, I am pretty much out of things to say about Old Lu Ann.