Sunday, June 22, 2014

Different People

Get the stick out?  Is that supposed to be referring to the stick up Tommie's butt that makes her rigid and unfriendly?  Or is this some regional colloquialism with which I am not familiar?

I'm not sure why Tommie finds it so hard to get along with Carol...She looks like Lu Ann and is bossing her around like Margo.  She should feel right at home!


fauxprof said...

Carol starts out being rude and condescending to Tommie, then decides that Tommie disapproves of her lifestyle, and finally tells her she has a stick up her behind. This has turned into a fairly tepid episode from the "Real Housewives" franchise.

Maggie said...

I initially read it "Come on, stick it out!" Like, just give it time! You might like me. I look like old Lu Ann!

But "Come on, get the stick out!" is like 18 times better. That's hilarious. That's up there with Elrod-era Mark Trail as far as awkward dialogue goes.

Anonymous said...

I think that stick out means some kind of beating, of which I don't approve! I know this is going to turn into some kind of 'Margo misogynistic' thing!

molly said...

At the risk of sounding crude (oh my!), the second panel looks like Carol Collins is going to physically take the stick out.