Monday, June 30, 2014


I'm really going to have to conduct a poll once this strip settles down a little with the kooky dialogue to figure out which quote the new banner should feature. There have been so many epic quotes recently, including this gem about the invention of hemorrhoids. I have to say, Carol's cheery command of "Get the stick out!" is probably still my favorite.

In other news, did Tina Grant just stumble through the backyard like Bigfoot? And no one stopped her? Tommie stone cold doesn't care. "Not my problem if some random lady stomps all over our yard and lets all the animals out and pees in the fridge and changes everything about the background scenery in the process. It's time to work my head off."


Toots McGee said...

Tina Grant does look like she just staggered out of the brush in one of those Happiness Falls fugue states.

Ken's Orange Overcoat said...

Oh please keep the fawn quote. Sure, the other choices are epic, but they aren't as bizarrely batsh*t crazy like the fawn one! After all, Lily is still alive... or so we presume!

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

I am shocked! Just shocked! What's with the foul language?

Also, why is Tommie calling Lu Ann "Carol"?

I don't understand any of this!!!

(That last sentence is my vote for the best quote of this "plot." It applies to this "plot" and to most, if not all of the others.) xxoo

fauxprof said...

Gotta agree with Dawn Weston's Evil Twin. "I don't understand any of this" is breathtakingly appropriate.

Anonymous said...

At least Tina Grant's dress matches the lamp shades.