Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Catch-Up

Not sure what happened to Casey yesterday, but I've got two days worth of strips.

Thursday, August 25th

Look, Margo, just because Paul and I are hot and heavy doesn't mean it's serious. I mean, yes, he did take me to visit the the unfinished house of his dreams on our first date, and I nursed his brother back to health even before we were exclusive, but that's not serious.

Is Margo implying that a Linski family reunion is destined to devolve into some sort of pansexual, incestuous orgy? If so, then Lu Ann should be thinking of an easy to remember safe word...

Friday, August 26th

Whoa, Lu Ann is boiling that pot of water using only her seething rage at Margo. Although in the second panel, it looks like she's preparing to dump it on Margo's head, or at least her chiding finger. I'm predicting Lu Ann goes to the reunion, but she can't get Margo's voice out of her head telling her that she's in love with Paul's family. She and Paul have a fight, endangering their relationship. Then we go back to whatever Tommie is doing.


Anonymous said...

The safe word is pumpernickel.

Casey said...

Sorry! Sorry! I forgot to mention I was going to be on vacation. Thanks for picking up the slack.