Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Queen Bee

Sadly, we've missed out on the moment when Margo bellows "I KNOW A CELEBRITY, I KNOW QUEEN BEE" and then cackles, but Tommie's bewildered reaction, with her sad little bobble, is almost as good. Why does Queen Bee make her sad? Oh, and Queen Bee. That's great. I immediately thought Beyonce. Maybe she's a Lady Gaga-Beyonce hybrid. She'll be shakin' it across the stage, crazy hats flying all over the place, legs buckling from her giant platform shoes... now THAT I would pay to see!


Sugar Packet said...

I don't know, besides sounding antiquated, "Queen Bee" sounds way more like a rapper to me, like Lil Kim or da Brat. Maybe A3G goes thug? Which means Queen Bee will probably have a giant clock on a chain around her neck.

Gerard said...

A rapper, yes, based on the actual ex-rapper Queen Latifah. Looking forward to her.

Maggie said...

Ha! How did I think of Beyonce and not Queen Latifah? I was just thinking of the show "Living Single" the other day, too.