Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Just sitting here in my PJs catching up with the past few days of A3G.

Friday, August 19th

Oh Lu Ann, you're more than just a friend, you're Paul's special friend. And what about poor, sweet Wally? Is this reunion going to tear this beautiful, Aryan love affair apart?

Saturday, August 20th

I understand and respect your decision, darling, but Wally and my mother will be devastated. They haven't been the same since you last left them, but this would put them over the edge into an almost catatonic melancholia. At least that's what the doctors said. But you can still decide not to come, it's totally up to you. Does the encroaching black background portent further discord in Happy Blonde World?

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Maggie said...

It's up to you, Lu Ann, but Wally will be sad. And he was JUST HIT BY A CAR AGAIN. This one ran him over, threw it in reverse, ran him over again, and then sped of cackling into the night. In fact, the driver kinda looked like your roommate Margo. So now you extra have to come!