Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Great Ganymede!

Congrats to Lu Ann on busting out a reference to the moons of Jupiter. They just don't get shout outs like they used to when grizzled but kindly prospectors roamed the earth. Also not getting shout outs: leaping lizards, jumping jehosaphat, mother of pearl, and gadzooks.


Anonymous said...

Goodness! I skip the blog for a day and poof, three posts at once. This is too much, I tell you. Even worse is the fact that ... Lu Ann knows about Jupiter! And its moons! Buh - Buh - when? How?

I - I need to go lie down now.

Anonymous said...

Great Scott! Dumping on Jersey, eh? With the way these lovely ladies take advantage of New York, they might as well live in New Jersey. And I'm not talking about Hoboken, but the Jersey Devil infested Piney McPinelands.