Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Compliments

You know what? It's moments like this that make me really like Tommie. Her halting ability to parse "you'd make a wonderful mother" as a compliment, I find both awkward and charming. How would you not interpret it as a compliment, even if you find it strange? Does she have so little experience with dating/positive human contact that she's struggling to determine Paul's motives? "I'm sure he meant it as a compliment... or maybe he's trying to trick you into babysitting. Like when Margo told me I'd be great with kids, and then made me run her fledgling daycare center while she slept off her hangover. Remember that? Margo's Sunshine Daycare for Young Millionaires?"

Okay, I'm making up the daycare center, but it does seem like Margo's had a lot of jobs.

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Anonymous said...

LuAnn's expression in 2nd panel is totally blank. And how old are these "girls". I would think they are in mid to late 20s. But they talk like they're 19.