Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Margo for the c!@?block!

What a dramatic entrance to your own apartment, Margo. It's a scorcher, yet you decided to wear a cardigan sweater? Obviously, the A3G girls don't have a system for subtly announcing to returning roommates that one has a gentleman visitor. Might I suggest draping a set of panty hose/chastity belt over the door? At least Paul isn't walking around their kitchen in his boxer shorts, proudly displaying his thicket of back hair like a silverback gorilla. Not that I've ever had that happen.


Anonymous said...

Lu Ann should have said "Ignore her Paul! Margo's just a c-blocker." or "Ignore her Paul! Margo's just a frigid d-tease who hasn't gotten a good schtupping in a long time." Maybe Maggie can fix the bubble with a creation.

Casey said...

Hahahahaha oh, memories