Saturday, August 13, 2011

Friday Slack-Off

Sorry to our loyal, dedicated readers for slacking off yesterday, it was quite a busy day. Although, when I saw what I missed posting/today's strip, I jumped right on the old interwebs to comment.

Friday, August 12th

Hot town, summer in the city. Lu Ann is seminaked, and she actually tells Paul this fact. And now she finally has someone to help her drink that lemonade!

Saturday, August 13th

Is this actual sexual innuendo? Or is Lu Ann still trying to get people to drink her vat of lemonade? Sadly, it's probably the latter. If it's so hot out, maybe Paul is suffering from heat stroke and is hallucinating that Lu Ann is a cold drink of water.


Anonymous said...

The psychic's predictions have finally come true. All it took was some lemon perfume, a car accident and gallons of lemonade. I predict Lu Ann gets married leaves the apartment and we get a new roommate.

Maggie said...

Lu Ann will try just about anything to get someone to drink that lemonade. I think it's in her mouth right now and she's trying to feed it to Paul, mother bird-style.

No seriously, I thought this was the most provocative A3G series in recent history, but just wait until you read today's!