Wednesday, February 8, 2012


It's bad enough that Nina's hair looks like it's about to fly away back to the 50's, but now it seems Margo's jaw has decided to secede from the union?? I mean, what is going on with her face in the second panel?? (click image for full size) It's pulling itself apart!

I know I know, someday, some young hotshot artist with a modicum of relevance or social awareness will start penning the strip, and then I'll miss the frumpy wardrobe and straight-out-of-the-shower hairstyles.

Anyway, so uh, the gallery reopening. Yup. What ever happened to Trey, anyway? And does Margo have any artwork for this grand opening? Because I'm sure Queen Bee would be happy to spit on a few canvases for her.


Roy said...

That second panel freaked me out too, if I hadn't seen it online I would have assumed it was a printing error, heck maybe it was? Either that or Frank Bolle just had a stroke.

My fear is that if anything happens to Bolle, King Features will sunset 3G. As much as I want a new artist, this gives me chills. The other fear is that the artist could actually be worse (take a look at Fred Fredricks who does Mandrake). The thing is Bolle was in the past not a bad artist, he is just in serious decline. The problem is he is ancient, I just looked it up and he is exactly one day younger than my dad, born in 1924, it is amazing he still works at all.

Ken said...

Margo looks "Jokerish" to me. Batman crossover?

Not to be morbid, but we should probably start the online petition now to prevent King Features from sunsetting A3G. I'm also not opposed to an occupy type campout in NYC at King's headquarters. Although they might think I'm just another homeless guy sleeping on their vents.