Thursday, February 9, 2012

Good Causes

Oh, silly Nina, those aren't chocolates. You think Margo would waste perfectly good chocolates on you? More likely it's a bottle of hair dye, or some other thinly-veiled hint at your imperfections and/or poor life choices. It's cute that you not only seem to be head-bobbling, but hair-bobbling too, in response to the gift. Don't be disappointed. Trust me, this is how she shows she cares.


Ken said...

Is that a box of Russel Stover? It better be truffles and fudge. If you're trying to regift a box of that nougat crap, you can pound sand. Probably picked it up at the CVS downstairs. Next time bring me dark chocolate covered strawberries.

Was that ungrateful?

Roy said...

I don't know, lately Margo has been all sweetness and light. I mean when was the last Margo moment? I think it was before Lu Ann's Bridal shopping, and it was quite reasonable. (Of course I know everything Margo says is reasonable and justified, always). Even when offered a meadow muffin she took it in good humor, heck Lu Ann is starting to have more of an edge.

Roy said...

I hate to foreshadow the next strip, but next thing we will know is Margo wanting babies, and not just because they are nutritious and not at all fattening.

Though I think Margo as a mother would be awesome, even if it wouldn't actually be 3G. Just think about margo with a daughter, it would be better than anything I can really imagine.