Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Beary Exciting

The Men's Wearhouse in A3G NYC must have a on-going white shirt/blue blazer deal that can't be passed up. Paul Linski, the guy who weekly tells Tommie how disappointed Dan Diller is in her and now Scott Gaines, the proud father to be. If he was so into having a baby/being a dad, don't you think he would be with Nina at the appointment she's having somewhere across town?

This conversation seems that the panels should almost be reversed. At least it makes more sense to me that way. The bear's blank stare in the first panel and pained expression in the second lead me to believe that he agrees with me as well. I hear you, Sir Grizzly Bowtie, I hear you.


Ken said...

I thought Sir Grizzly Bowtie was smiling in the second panel.

From the way Scott is carrying that bear around the city, the only way to get it out if his hands is to replace it with a real baby. Maybe it is a pained expression.

Thought bubble above Sir Grizzly Bowtie "Please help me! He takes me everywhere. He thinks I'm his child. Stop the insanity!"

McClure said...

"Sir Grizzly Bowtie" made me laugh out loud at work. Good one!

Maggie said...

Professor Aristotle shops there too. And I think Trey did, before he decided to go for the "artiste" look with the scarf.

Chemistry Cat said...

Chemistry joke:

What kind of bear dissolves in water?

A polar bear.