Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Sorry Tommie, did you want to talk to Lu Ann? I was getting an urgent call from 1998 on this Nokia phone, so I had to hang up. I also got the neat feature where instead of hitting the end button and getting a beep, you just shake it and it makes a click like an old timey rotary phone. Did you want to play Snake while you wait for Lu Ann to call again?

Happy Valentine's Day to all the loyal blog readers! I hope that you've found a relationship with more depth and future than any in the A3G world.


mrvy said...

I guess the point of that was to underscore just how self-centered and self-absorbed Margo is. Just in case we forgot.

Gerard said...

Actually, most Nokia phones are likely to be a blast from the past, which is why the company is doing so well! Think "Christine," the movie about the murderous 1958 Plymouth whose radio plays only songs from the 50's. It seems fitting that a phone on A3G, which is already an anachronism, would be in touch with the previous century.

Ken said...

I still have issues with A3G ignoring holidays. There's so much great material that could be generated during holidays like Valentine's Day. Flower deliveries from secret admirers, singing telegrams from ex-fiances, and homeless guys yelling at them for not making eye contact.