Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Well! Either someone's jumping the gun, or this pregnancy is moving along at breakneck speed. Wasn't it just three weeks ago when Nina's pregnancy was obscure enough for Margo to miss it? (though Margo is kind of oblivious to her non-Margo-related surroundings) This is an unheard of gestation period for any plotline in A3G, so I'm guessing Scott is just super-duper antsy. Otherwise... I hope Nina's not wearing white like the rest of the planet.


Ken said...

Shouldn't we be considering baby names at this point?

If it's a boy, I like Flatus. A strong, in your face type of name. It lets people know where you stand on the issues.

I agree with the indigestion diagnosis.

Gerard said...

Yes, everyone does seem to be wearing white. Rumor has it that the colorists are currently in contract talks, that there are still issues touching vacations, pensions and clean smocks, and that this is the first of possibly escalating job actions. Green faces won't be far behind unless management begins to bargain in good faith.

MillyQPublic said...

I don't know, we might be looking at a premature baby anti smoking psa here. I hope not because that sounds awful to look at but I guess they'd probably never draw that baby anyway, just the talking heads of its already-failed parents bobbling and shifting above it.