Friday, March 2, 2012

All Meaningless

Oh my god, this is great. Nina is getting frumpier and frumpier everytime we see her. It wouldn't be so bad if she weren't trying so hard to ignore the fact that she's having a baby, but her attitude is like "Baby schmaby, I'm going to live my life!" She totally could've had a glamorous Jessica Alba-style pregnancy, but it seems her body is in total rebellion, her hair blackened and curling up to unbelievable heights, her torso lumpy, a fresh doiley appearing around her neck each morning. Nihilism is her way of coping, I guess. "So it was all meaningless, right? The baby, our marriage, existence in general?"


Roy said...

Is that a man? A horrible deformed man with disturbing hands and a pageboy haircut? Oh it is Nina!

Run Tommie run, back to your obscurie little hole, first that mouth on Margo and then this, will you be next? Or is it just confined to brunettes?

Elaine said...

Love that collar on Nina's blouse! Where do they come up with these fashion statements - from Sears catalogs from the 50's??

Yoda said...

Sitting are they? Draw seldom Frank does.

Riding low, Nina's baby is. A boy perhaps?

Meaningless? Yes, yes, all are we.