Wednesday, March 21, 2012

No Harm Done, Right?

I'd like to think Nina is putting on some fake tears so Tommie won't be mad at her for forgetting her appointment/forgetting that she's pregnant, but I bet it's just those womanly hormones acting up. She probably saw a picture of a sad puppy, or read one of those chain letters about drunk driving--you know how women are. Either that, or god she needs a cigarette.


Ken said...

Nina has quite the modern office. A sweet Ericsson LM Bakelite phone and a stack of papers. Maybe Nina works so many hours because she has no modern technology.

Does Scottie work or is he just a hottie? Nina must be under a lot of pressure bringing home the bacon and carrying that thing around for 9 months.

D.B. Echo said...

So is Nina faking this pregnancy? Walking around with a pillow strapped to her belly? And Tommie didn't notice, even after their first appointment?