Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Recap

Friday, March 9th

Since when do scrubs have turtlenecks and are bright yellow? And aren't you supposed to change those at the hospital? Birthing fluids are not something that I would want to bring home.

I think Rick is envisioning a romantic meal followed by passionate necking, but Tommie put the kibosh on that by wanting to eat one of the least kiss-friendly sandwiches. Why not just go out for a garlic and onion hoagie?

Saturday, March 10th
Uh oh, by the look on his face, it would seem that Rick is not cool with Scottie the Hottie dropping in like this. In the second panel, it would appear he's about to give sad monologue in front of that pink curtain that appeared on the street. And I thought Tommie was going to change? I'm bored...what's happening on the ranch?

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Ken said...

Yes, let's get hot corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and beer. We'll be bloated and gassy. Very romantic. Not-Paul should take the hint that Tommie is either not interested or is planning a dutch oven.

Is not-Paul experiencing a confused head bobble in Saturday's panel 1? Why is this guy in a black turtleneck touching the woman I'm stalking?