Monday, March 12, 2012

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (it's Scott)

"Come on in, Scott! Care to join me for dinner?"
"Thanks, Margo, that looks great! Are those... green slices?"
"It's just some pasta, spices, and green slices with a fresh loaf of Wonder Bread."
"Are you drinking Ocean Spray or...?"
"Nope! I slake my thirst with the blood of my enemies. But we do have Ocean Spray."
"Okay! More green slices, please!"


Mike said...

God, the relationship between the writer of this comic and the artist is like the most passive aggressive couple I've (fortunately never) met.

"Here, let me list three things: veggies, pasta, artisanal bread."

"There, let me draw these things with as little effort as possible. Vegetable -- beans or rooted, who can tell? Pot of pasta with the lid on like no one would ever serve it. And finally, "artistnal bread" -- can't find that fancy word on Google -- it means "Wonder brand", right?"

"I hate you."

"I hate you more."

And the online colorist is like their poor kid trying to save the marriage. "If I make the stuff on the plate green, maybe Mommy and Daddy won't fight so much."

Ken said...

Scottie: I'm sorry Margo, my 6 month pregnant wife is at home with a child she doesn't want, so it would be all kinds of wrong if I stayed and ate this wonderful meal with you.

Margo: But I have a loaf of artisanal bread and I used spices.

Scottie: OK, but I insist on doing the dishes.

Margo: You can do the dishes tomorrow morning after I make you waffles with just butter.

Elaine said...

Really?? Does anyone actually talk like that to other people?? Artisanal bread - I didn't even know Margo knew that word.