Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Prescription

It looks like Tommie's under the influence of some kind of prescription in that last panel.  The sight of the sun clearly means that spring has sprung.  There is no sun during winter.  And of course Nina didn't notice.  It was dark when she went in to work at 5 AM, plus she was putting her cigarette butts out on the sidewalk.  But I have no idea what Tommie has in store for Nina.


Ken said...

I used to draw the sun like that when I was five. Now I don't draw. Frank must be blissful.

As Megan pointed out, the rising sun is the surest sign of spring. I don't think of flowers, robins frolicking in the grass, buds on trees, or outdoor NYC cafes filled with diners.

Maybe a spring picnic is just what the fake doctor ordered. Nina will kick off her heels, feel the grass between her cloven hooves and reconnect with her inner demon child.

Maggie said...

Uh, Tommie looks like a million years old in the last panel. I'm surprised she doesn't have the perfect perscription for "that young whippersnapper."