Friday, March 16, 2012


Uh, Scott. That's exactly what she is. A surrogate. Sorry she never wanted a baby! But Margo has a solution for you...

...hormones! I know, it's a real thing, but it would kind of be a shame if this story wrapped up with a deus ex machina shot of oxytocin. So far, increased hormones have just made Nina cry at sad movies, but that's at least an improvement over the way she used to laugh and laugh.


Casey said...

Those 'hormones' also cause postpartum depression. And you thought Nina was bad before.

Ken said...

Margo: A huge favor, what is it?

Scottie: It's an act of gracious kindness, but that's not important right now. I was hoping you would carry my second child. My current surrogate isn't working out.

Margo: OK. This will be the most avant garde art installation ever. I'll call it "Margo's Uterus: No Vacancy".

Marge said...

@Ken, that's what I was hoping for - a really big favor. But no, it's just helping with the nursery. Not only picking out furniture, but maybe painting the room, doing cute murals, etc.
Nina will love it!