Saturday, March 3, 2012

Scottie the Hottie

Tommie has never looked more like Justin Bieber than she does in today's strip. Maybe Frank Bolle is trying to tell us that he has a serious case of Bieber Fever.

I could barely stop laughing at "Scottie the Hottie" long enough to post something about this strip. It's just so awkward coming from Nina while she's rocking the latest sartorial options from Baby Frump, but Scott doesn't seem to mind. And Tommie seems like she's just content to watch.


Gerard said...

You try to read between the lines, but it's not easy. What I think is that:
a) Nina is being sarcastic, should have used air quotes, and
b) Scottie the Hottie doesn' get it.

Ken said...

Two reasons Nina is acting strange.

1) Pregnancy hormones

2) Scottie's v-neck

Nobody can resist the deep V.