Saturday, March 31, 2012

Drawing is Hard Work...if you're 95

WOW!  We've been working for five hours and all we managed to accomplish was putting in the all important Baby's First China Hutch.  The New Little Gaines is coming into the world with a set of bone china that serves 12.  After that, another two hours was spent crumpling paper next to the paint can.  I hope that hutch has an extra shelf for the baby to sleep on because this nursery looks extremely unfinished.  I'm starting to think Frank chose to follow the Margo/Scott Nursery storyline because otherwise he'd have to draw trees, flowers and benches if he had chosen the Tommie/Nina walk through Central Park storyline.   Poor old guy.


Ken said...

I wonder if Frank has gotten to the point where he can only draw things in his line of sight. The hutch has made an appearance twice in the past week, each time with different items on the shelves. Do they wheel him around the home so he has different backgrounds? Maybe he has a number of hutches he has gathered over the years. Is the ominous black wall simply a blind spot from macular degeneration? I hope he gets as much rice pudding as he wants. Check out his Black Phantom #1 cover (1954). He really enjoyed drawing women back then.

Gina M. Bakkun said...

I guffawed at your commentary today. What *is* that China hutch doing there?