Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Let Me Guess

"Yes, furious! She got up to run out of the room, but I pointed out that with her swollen ankles, she wasn't going anywhere. Then she got really mad and started throwing things at me! She could hardly land anything on me, so I simply observed that she probably should be spending more time at the gym! Then she started whining about how she thought I wanted her to be more emotional, which sounded so much like her mom, which I also told her. And then I called her a selfish cow. I DON'T GET IT!"

Oy. But hey, here's something that's actually a little interesting: on of our readers, Megan Bakaitis (no relation to Megan who blogs here), runs a blog about adoption called This week she's running a special on Lu Ann! Lu Ann recently found out she was adopted and that Ruby was her birthmother, and Megan is highlighting that revelation with some insight of her own. It's kind of a lot more interesting that this is right now, so check it out!

1 comment:

Joe Vanist said...

"Selfish cow"

Who hasn't made that mistake at least once?

Right guys?