Monday, March 19, 2012

Forgotten Appointment

Nina is really trying her darnedest to make this premature pregnancy thing work, between the long work hours, cigarettes, crash dieting and "forgetting" appointments. She probably flushes her prenatal vitamins too. The lovable scamp! I love that she's trying to hurry this pregnancy along, God bless her, but we know this is going to go for at least five trimesters.

Genuine question: do midwives (-in-training...) make house calls? Also, for Nina, shouldn't Tommie just skip straight to making office calls? Nina is no doubt a prolific multitasker. Tommie can just sneak under the desk with her portable ultrasound while Nina's on a call or answering emails. Brilliant.

Also, HEY, is a midwife/nurse the same as an OB/GYN??


Marge said...

I knew a woman who had a bachelor of science in nursing and she went back to school for 2 years to get midwife training. Nurses are often better at patient relationships and tracking what's going on day to day, reactions to drugs etc. than doctors are. Of course, a specialist should be availaibe if needed and my impression is that Tommie had a short course in midwifery.

Kat and Pat said...

Nurse/midwives are not at all the same thing as OBGYNs. Midwives are usually a lot less hands on than an OBGYN.

I have somehow found myself in a community of women who do midwifery and doula work (neither of which I do, or am interested in). Unless one is going to a formal school for midwifery, it takes years and years of training (in the state I live in, upwards of 7 years).

Ken said...

I have the impression that Tommie is a turtle. She is a shy little turtle in the first panel and then she gains some courage and pops her head out of her shell in the second panel.

My OCD is offended by the inconsistencies. No neck, then neck. Ear, then no ear. It's like a Slylock Fox "Find the six differences between these panels".

Tommie "don't know nothin' 'bout birthin' babies".

amo said...

From my limited knowledge, how much midwives are able to do varies from state to state. When I was in Illinois, I went to see a midwifery group who did all the normal ob/gyn stuff and completely took care of any method of delivery except c-section. If there was a problem during delivery they would call in specialists but that's true of any regular ob/gyn. Where I live now, however, there aren't really any midwives unless you want a home birth because I guess they aren't allowed to practice in hospitals. Which was a bit annoying when I moved from one state to the other at 8 months pregnant.